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We Are Experts In Financial Recruiting and Placement

Located in downtown St. Paul, Midwest Financial Search provides expert financial recruiting and placement services in the Twin Cities metro area. We call ourselves “matchmakers” because that’s what we do – match banks and credit unions with candidates that suit them, and introduce banking professionals to companies that complement their personality and work style.

We thrive on helping banking professionals break into the hidden job market and advance their careers. Despite technological advances, we understand that financial recruiting is still a business based on personal contacts and reputation. We excel at leveraging our 30-plus years of banking experience and extensive network of industry contacts to help get your foot in the door with the leading commercial banks and credit unions in the local market.

When you bring in Midwest Financial Search to assist you in your job search, you can expect to:

We want to help you find the financial services job of your dreams. In order to do that, we need to take the time to really get to know you. Before we present you to the leading commercial banks and credit unions in the Twin Cities, we’ll sit down with you to discuss your experience, your skills, and your career goals. As banking experts in our community, we can offer strategic career guidance and give you the inside scoop on specific companies and trends in our field. We’ll also help polish your resume and LinkedIn profile, and get you prepared to tackle interviews with confidence.
After more than 30 years working in banks both large and small, we know the challenges and rewards of numerous positions, and are ready to share our insights with job seekers. After reviewing your skills and aspirations, we will match your talents with positions that you are qualified for and companies that complement your personality and work style. Many times, we can open your eyes to exciting new opportunities that you didn’t even realize were out there.
Banks and credit unions come to us when they need help finding qualified candidates to fill open positions. This means we are often notified before a job is posted online (that is if it’s even posted at all, since many job openings don’t make it that far). We review the open position to determine which of our candidates would be a great match for the role. Finding a match goes far beyond pinpointing candidates with the required skills. After years of working in the industry, we’re familiar with the unique traits each employer desires in a candidate, as well as each bank’s company culture. With that information, we’re able to make a match that’s beneficial for both the employer and the job seeker. If that’s you, you’ll have a huge advantage over other applicants by getting access to the job first.
We know bankers. Our network is extensive, and we’re not afraid to use it. Once we’ve determined you’re the best fit for a particular position, we will present you with our stamp of approval to the bank seeking candidates. The hiring managers at these banks get hundreds of resumes on their desks every week, but when we call, they pick up. They know we are dialed in to the specifics they are looking for, and they are more than happy to receive a pre-screened candidate. You’ll be much more likely to land an interview and quickly, rather than waiting weeks to hear back.
The employers that call upon us for financial recruiting services are among the leading commercial banks and credit unions in the Twin Cities metro area. This means the open positions we help fill are often better paying jobs than our candidates would be able to secure on their own. Our connections in this industry are truly invaluable.

Are you ready to advance your career and change your life? Midwest Financial Search can help you secure the job you deserve. Our ideal candidates live in the Twin Cities metro area and have at least three years of experience working at a bank like Wells Fargo, TCF, or US Bank. If that sounds like you, we’d love to meet face to face to talk about your opportunities. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!