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In today’s world, finding a qualified candidate to fill an open position is a challenging task in any field. It’s especially difficult in the banking industry because most job descriptions require high levels of experience and very specific skill sets. On top of that, the individuals banks are looking for are in high demand. They’d probably be interested if presented a better opportunity, but might not be actively searching for a new job.

So how do you find those people?

Despite being the most widely used recruiting method, online job postings are not particularly effective. For starters, they’re impersonal, attract way too many unqualified candidates, and create expenses with difficult-to-measure effectiveness.

Working with a bank recruiting firm is much more efficient than posting ads on job boards because you receive candidates who are already pre-screened. At Midwest Financial Search, we utilize more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry to connect banks and credit unions with their ideal candidates.

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We’ve been helping banks and credit unions find qualified candidates for over 15 years. But before that our recruiters, Mary and Paul, were banking professionals themselves. Mary has a B.A. in Finance and experience in a variety of roles at leading banks in the Twin Cities metro area, while Paul has over a decade of experience in commercial banking and a solid knowledge of changing market conditions and hiring trends. Together they offer unparalleled experience and market knowledge of the financial services world.


In short, we know bankers. We understand your business goals and the skills required to excel in any given position. We’ve been able to create long-standing relationships with many of our clients because they know that candidates we refer meet predetermined criteria.

That’s because we don’t place accountants or stockbrokers; we place only banking professionals. We are connected to a pool of talented local professionals who each have a minimum of three years experience working in  local commercial banks. We spend a lot of time getting to know our candidates and our employers in order to make a match that will result in mutually beneficial long-term employment.


At Midwest Financial Search, we believe recruiters who use deceitful or dishonest methods aren’t doing anyone any favors – especially in our business, where it’s who you know that counts.

Our ethics are the foundation of our reputation and what sets us apart from other finance recruiters. Since opening our doors in 2003, our mission has been to match leading banks and credit unions with smart, capable banking professionals. But we would never compromise our integrity to do so. Once we’ve placed an employee, we will not “steal” them should a new opportunity arise in the future.

Online job postings can attract hundreds if not thousands of unqualified and even fraudulent candidates, leaving employers to sift through a mountain of applications searching for the perfect match. Save yourself the time and stress by contacting Midwest Financial Search today! We are connected to a large pool of local banking professionals who are personally vetted by our recruiters with more than 30 years of experience in the industry.

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