After months of casting your application into the void, somebody has finally recognized your hard-earned talent. You’ve made it to the in-person interview process. Congrats!


At this point, you’re probably excited but a little nervous, which is understandable. Financial service job interviews are stressful, no matter your level of experience. Midwest Financial Search is here to help you be prepared for the interview and win the battle against your nerves. As a financial services recruiting firm, we’re all too familiar with the interview process and know exactly what you should do to make the best first impression.


●        Do Your Homework

It’s crucial you know a bit about the bank or financial institution before sitting down for an interview. Understanding more about the company beforehand shows initiative and drive, not to mention that you’d really like to work for these people. Spend some time researching the company, including its areas of expertise, its mission statement, even its past philanthropic deeds. The more you can show you’re interested the more the company will want to hire you.


●        Be Flexible

Every interviewee should prepare themselves to answer the most common questions—there are many resources online that can prepare you for this. However, to truly stand out, you must learn to expect the unexpected—that is, understand that every interview is different, and you might be thrown a question (or task) out of left field. Be nimble.


●        Ask the Right Questions

Remember, the company must fit you as well as you fit the company. Although your research should have given you a good overview, make sure you go in with a list of questions the job posting or website may have not explained. For example, “What is your work culture like?” or “Describe the opportunities for growth and advancement.” Not only does this show you can take initiative and are serious about the position, it will give you a better idea if this job will be fulfilling for you.


Bank and Financial Services Recruiters can Help you Land an Interview

In the business of financial service jobs, it’s often not what you know, but who you know. Midwest Financial Search, Inc. of Saint Paul can help you network with some of the top financial institutions in the Twin Cities and help you land your next job. Contact us today to get started!