How Goes that Job Search?


Some say job searching is a job in itself, and not a very fun one. Cranking out cover letter after cover letter, tailoring your resumes, and sometimes never hearing back can all feel very demoralizing. Sometimes, too, all these efforts are for financial services jobs you’re not even sure you’ll like. What is a jobseeker to do?


Midwest Financial Search Inc. in the Twin Cities is here to help. We’ve worked in the banking industry for decades, and we employ this firsthand knowledge now as financial services recruiters.We also will help you network with some of the best financial institutions in the Twin Cities.

Why Work with a Recruiter?

Working with a recruiter like us gives you the benefits of networking. Networking is a powerful tool, which opens the doors to many positions that aren’t even posted publicly. A vast number of jobs in this industry are filled based on referral, and banking institutions often solicit us to help with this process. Applying with our recommendation—and the trust we have forged with employers—assures that your unique skill set gets the attention it deserves.


As a financial services recruitment firm, we also are familiar with the unique inner workings of specific institutions themselves; we know exactly what each one is looking for in a candidate and exactly how each one operates. This means that we will match the right candidate to the right employer while considering the needs of both. We consider work style, office culture, and skillset to make sure you and your future employer complement one another perfectly.

Need Help?

If you are currently looking for a job in the financial services industry, contact Midwest Financial Search Inc; we want to hear from you face-to-face. Come talk to us about your ambitions, passions, and goals. Once we have a better grasp of the position you are looking for, we’ll network with those in the industry to help land you an interview.

Contact Midwest Financial Search Today-- We’ll Help You Land Your Next Job

Because we are a finance job recruiters, we specialize in helping fresh talent find its rightful place in this challenging industry. We will help secure you a position with some of the leading local banks and credit unions in the Twin Cities. If you’re currently job searching or are otherwise ready to take your career to the next level, contact us at  651-690-4050, or you can get in touch via our contact page. We look forward to working with you!