One of the most daunting tasks in a job search is writing a resume that will get noticed by the hiring manager.


It is common for hiring managers to spend less than half a minute scanning a resume before making a decision whether to consider a candidate for a position. So here are some tips for writing your resume so it stands out against the others:


Choose a Format that Makes Sense


Your skills may be perfect for the position to which you are applying, but if your resume isn’t formatted in an easy-to-read way, you won’t get an interview.


Some tips:


●        Use a logical format with wide margins and clear headings.

●        List your positions in reverse, chronological order and be sure to include dates.

●        Quantify accomplishments when possible.

●        Use bullet points to direct the reader to important information you want to make sure they see.

●        Bold and underline headings when appropriate, but limit use of text boxes and multiple fonts.


Show Off Accomplishments


Hiring managers want to see someone who can solve a problem or satisfy a need within their company. So, use your resume to show off how you have solved similar problems in the past.


To do this:


●        Share information about your responsibilities.

●        Include a line or two to describe the job, but then list your unique accomplishments (a good time for bullet points), highlighting the benefit of what you accomplished.

●        Avoid using generic descriptions. Instead, quantify your accomplishments and use specific details.

●        Highlight specific achievements that present a detailed picture of your achievements and contributions.


Tailor Your Resume to the Industry

Your skills and job experience may qualify you to work in multiple industries, but you should make sure your resume is tailored to the industry and job to which you are applying.


In some industries, such as advertising and design, it is beneficial to get creative with the style and layout of a resume to stand out. But this isn’t the case for every company or industry, so it’s smart to go more conservative with your style if you aren’t sure.


The best thing you can do is apply with a resume that is free of errors, is grammatically correct, and lists your accomplishments.


Use a Career Summary


Instead of including an objective on your resume, consider using a ‘career summary’ or ‘summary of qualifications.’ In this section, you will give a brief overview of who you are and what you do.


Take your time to write a summary that will grab the hiring manager’s attention immediately by including details that accurately describe you as a solution to the company’s problems.


Networking is Important, too


In many industries, it’s all about who you know. And that is often the case with jobs in the banking industry. So, it is important to network with industry professionals.


An easy way to get an “in” with a company is through a search firm that will vouch for your skills and personal attributes.


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