The current job market can result in a few long-term problems for employers, but Midwest Financial Search can help you find the right candidates to fill your open banking positions.


First, let’s look at the current job market. Minnesota had a 2.8 percent unemployment rate in November, which means there are few people who do not have jobs who are looking for them — and that percentage is even lower in the banking industry. In addition, many companies are looking for the perfect candidate who already has all the skills necessary to fill an open position instead of training someone who has the potential to excel at the job.


The combination of having few job seekers and companies being reluctant to train someone for a position is leading to some problems in the banking industry. One of the main issues is this can lead to a company having an open position for a long time. As a result, current employees have to pick up the slack and complete work for the open position as well as their own assigned duties.


This extra workload can lead to added stress for employees, it can lower company morale, and may lead to employees leaving the company if the situation persists long enough. And if more employees leave, it can create a vicious cycle of more positions to fill, creating more stress for your employees and lower retention rates.


Delaying investment in hiring and training candidates can cause problems as baby boomer

retirements accelerate. Eager candidates with potential and a positive attitude can learn from

seasoned veterans, benefitting both, along with their employer.


Invest in new talent


Instead, you should invest in new talent. Hire a candidate who might not have every qualification for the open position, but has enough experience and shows potential to learn and succeed within your company.


You — and your employees — will be happy you took the time to train and/or mentor these candidates. Plus, the candidates you took the time to mentor will be grateful you gave them a chance.


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If you do not have the time to sift through a bunch of resumes to find candidates who would thrive with a little training or mentorship, do not worry. Midwest Financial Search will do the grunt work to help you find the right person to hire.


Midwest Financial Search knows banks, and we only place people in the banking industry. With 30 years working in the Twin Cities banking industry, we are able to leverage our experience and connections within the industry to find the candidate that suits your needs and who shows great potential to learn and grow with your company.


We like to call ourselves matchmakers because we match banks and credit unions with candidates that suit them, as well as introduce banking professionals to companies that complement their personality and work style.


Contact us today at 651-690-4050 so we can help you find a candidate that is worthy of your training and mentorship.