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Job Seekers

Landing Your Next Banking Gig

Whether or not you work with the help of a banking recruiter, landing your next banking gig is almost a job in itself. Consider hiring a financial services recruiting firm to help.

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Tips for Writing Your Resume so it Stands Out

It is common for hiring managers to spend less than half a minute scanning a resume before making a decision whether to consider a candidate for a position. So here are some tips for writing your resume so it stands out against the others:

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Hiring for Potential Talent At Your Bank

First, let’s look at the current job market. Minnesota had a 2.8 percent unemployment rate in November, which means there are few people who do not have jobs who are looking for them — and that percentage is even lower in the banking industry. In addition, many companies are looking for the perfect candidate who already has all the skills necessary to fill an open position instead of training someone who has the potential to excel at the job.

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Looking for Qualified Employees? We Can Help You Find Them

It can be difficult to find the ideal candidate to fill an open position at a commercial bank or credit union, especially because many positions in the banking industry require someone who has a high level of experience and a specific set of skills to be successful

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Are You Looking for a Job in Banking? We Can Help

How is your job hunt going? Are you sick of it yet? We don’t blame you. Scrolling through websites to find financial services jobs you think you might like and then spending hours writing cover letters only to hear nothing back can feel defeating, but we at Midwest Financial Search Inc. are here to help you.

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How to Rock an Interview and Land Your Dream Financial Services Job

It’s okay to be nervous. Even the most confident people among us get squirmy at the thought of a job interview. If you’d like, we can help you shake off some of that anxiety by preparing you for the big day. After several decades working in the financial services industry, we (Mary and Paul, nice to meet you!) know what bankers are looking for, and we’re ready to share our insights with the next generation.

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